Penguicon Awaits!

I’ll be at Penguicon ’09 this weekend, and on a bunch of panels (and I even have a book signing on Sunday). You can read my panel schedule here. Wi-Fi permitting, I’m going to try and do podcast updates from the con. We’ll see though, I may not be able to post them until Sunday night.

Remember: I’m giving out free CDs with the first three episodes of The Magic of Eyri–and episode 003 doesn’t go oline until after Penguicon (5.10), so you’ll get a sneak peek.  If you can’t find a free CD in any of the freebie areas (tables, etc) just ask me for a copy. I’m bringing an extra spindle of blank CDs in case I run out, they won’t have printed labels but you’ll still get the episodes.

Also, an article I wrote is now online, read it at Lansing Capital Gains.

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