Steve’s Twitter, Cast Updates

That’s right gang, Steve, our relucant teenage hero of the podcast, now has his own Twitter account (@steveharrier).  I’ll post more than just the latest episodes there, as I plan to do tweets that go along with the store…and yes, they’ll continue even after Steve ‘arrives’ in Eyri…despite there being no cell phone service.

I see it as a fun way to expand the Magic of Eyri universe a bit.  Can’t promise frequent updates, but you never know.  I have my own account (@danieljhogan) that I update a few times a day however, and it appears in the side bar of the website (and my personal website).

I may do a page here with Steve’s Twitter updates.

Speaking of page updates, I updated the Cast page — and I’m pleased as punch to announce Robin Hudson (of Angel Between the Lines and other podcasts) as our newest cast member.  Robin will be providing the voice of Eira the pelican, starting with Episode 010, “Are You a Pelican or a Pelican’t.”

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