Magic of Eyri 012-Double Trouble

Today’s episode: The Hawk King sends his spies, a pair of raven twins named Delu and Uled, after Steve and his companions–but, they are not alone.  The twins have hired a team of bounty hunters to aid in their search.

In our last episode: The Hawk King demands to know who let Steve into his city.  Remmit, Kaz and Lexa are rounded up and put on trial for allowing The Boy to enter Da’Rahga.  However, things go a bit better for Remmit and Kaz than they do for Lexa.

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Technical Notes: Some sound effects courtesy of (User Attribution list). Other sound effects and music by GarageBand.

For more information on the story, please visit the About and Characters pages. These sections will be updated as episodes are put online since I don’t want to spoil too much ahead of time.

Daniel J. Hogan
(Host, Narrator, Characters)

Robin Hudson
(Eira the pelican)

Next Time on The Magic of Eyri (10.11.09): FIGHT!

Ramblings: I had a lot of fun creating the vocal effects for Delu and Uled for this episode. I added a PayPal donate button, so if you would like to support the podcast, feel free to donate whatever amount you wish.  A bit of trivia, the name of the Hunter band, The Five, is a reference to Ben Folds Five (which also only had three members).  I only realized later that it was also a reference to Arthur’s poor counting in Monty Python in the Holy Grail, as Cam (who named The Five) has a similar condition.

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