Magic of Eyri 016-Packing it In

Today’s episode: Uncle Shameless gets tangled up with the raven spy Delu, Arbal tries to shoot Steve with his crossbow and our heroes make their escape in a bizarre way.

In our last episode: Despite Steve’s protests, Uncle Shameless returns to help Zeroth and Cam as they battle the treacherous Arbal and the wily raven twins.  As Cam lays dying, he gives Zeroth one final command: protect Steve.

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Technical Notes: Some sound effects courtesy of (User Attribution list). Other sound effects and music by GarageBand.

For more information on the story, please visit the About and Characters pages. These sections will be updated as episodes are put online since I don’t want to spoil too much ahead of time.

Daniel J. Hogan
(Host, Narrator, Characters)

Robin Hudson
(Eira the pelican)

Next Time on The Magic of Eyri (01.20.10): “Fishy Business” Our heroes continue on their way to Uth, the Last Human Village.  Along the way, Steve gets an interesting weapon–a living creature called a swordfish.

Ramblings: For those trying to get an idea as to who Zeroth’s magical pack works, the best comparison I can think of is a TARDIS from Doctor Who: bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.  The inside of Zeroth’s pack has the same space as a large room, and objects (and persons) inside do experience some disorientation while as Zeroth moves around (similar to sea-sickness).  Zeroth removes items by thinking of them as he pulls his hand out.  To help remember what he is carrying, Zeroth keeps a ledger book with an ongoing list of what’s inside.

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