Adapting a Novel to a Podcast (with Mary Robinette Kowal)

This is audio from a panel discussion at Penguicon 2010 I was a part of, called “Adapting Your Novel to a Podcast.” Joining me on the panel is author, puppeteer and voice actor Mary Robinette Kowal. I recorded this live with my portable recorder placed between us, and I did what I could in GarageBand to boost the audio (and even out the levels), but a heads up that it is not as loud as I would of liked.

I really enjoyed this panel and Mary is just awesome. We approach podcasting from two different angles, with her being on the very professional end of things, and me coming from the low-tech, amateur end, but I think that made the talk way more fun.

runtime: 56 minutes

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Next Weds (5.12) is audio from another panel I was on, this time with Jim C. Hines and Brian Briggs, “Humor in Science Fiction and Fantasy.”

The next episode of the Magic of Eyri, “Flight of the Griffin” runs on Weds., 5.19.

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4 Responses to “Adapting a Novel to a Podcast (with Mary Robinette Kowal)”

  1. Neil Oh Neil says:

    Thanks so much for posting this interesting conversation. I stopped at the point where Mary recommended the Blue Snowball microphone and went online to do a little research (I’m in the market for a microphone). Four hours later, I’m done, and I know a lot more about microphones than when I woke up this morning. MacWorld has a very nice little buying guide for some of the USB mics that currently compete with the Blue Snowball here , and the nice thing is that audio samples are available for comparison. For my ears, both the Marshall MXL.006 US and the Samson G-Track sound richer than the Snowball, and they are all the the same price ballpark.

  2. Daniel says:

    Hi Neil, I think used that same MacWorld guide when I was looking for a microphone myself last year 🙂

    I ended up going with the H2 Zoom recorder/microphone. It may not be as high performing as some the other mics you looked at, but it worked best for me and killed a few birds with one stone.

    Thanks for listening!