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Magic of Eyri 053 – The End

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Today’s episode: Steve’s adventures in Eyri come to end!

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In our last episode: Battles all around and Steve continues his chat with the strange old man.

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Yes, this is the end. The final episode.

It has been a long haul, and a difficult one at times, but I did it. I produced a podcast of my entire novel. Many, many thanks to Robin Hudson (Buffy Between the Lines, Angel Between the Lines, the Strangely Literal podcast, and the Joss’d podcast) for all her help playing Eira over the years. The podcast would not have been the same without her.

Thanks to my listeners, all four of you. You kept me going, otherwise I might have given up on this project a long time ago. Thanks to Stephanie, the future Mrs. Hogan, for keeping me going when I had my doubts about finishing.

As for what awaits me next, well, keep checking danieljhogan.com. My comics and humor writing on clattertron.com will keep me busy for now, but it will be nice to only have that to worry about (OK, along with some other writing stuff for different websites).

And for one more time, “Thanks for listening.”

- Daniel


Technical Notes: Some sound effects courtesy of Freesound.org (User Attribution list). Other sound effects and music by GarageBand or Daniel J. Hogan.

For more information on the story, please visit the About and Characters pages. These sections will be updated as episodes are put online since I don’t want to spoil too much ahead of time.


Daniel J. Hogan

(Host, Narrator, Characters)


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