The Magic of Eyri Podcast is a free audio version of the novel of the same name by Daniel J. Hogan.

The Magic of Eyri is a fantasy-comedy-adventure story that is about a boy named Steve and his Uncle Shameless. The two end up in the wacky world of Eyri (pronounced AIR-EE, like an eagle’s nest) after an ill-fated canoe trip.  After arriving in a fantasy world of magic and talking animals, Steve is sent on a quest to free the land from the rule of the vile Hawk King, Fiach-Ra.  Needless to say, the teenager from the suburbs is not amused, and hilarity ensues. The story is best described as Wizard of Oz meets Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Both the novel and podcast are suitable for audiences age 13 and up.

The podcast is produced by Daniel J. Hogan, who independently published the original novel.  Daniel is interested in republishing the novel through a traditional publisher and has started working on a second Magic of Eyri novel (as well as a non-Magic of Eyri novel).  He lives in Michigan, where he works as a media production specialist and a freelance writer.

This podcast differs from traditional audio book because it contains music, sound effects, different voices and different cast members.  There are also slight changes from the original text–mainly grammar fixes and adjusting parts so that they work better in audio.  The Magic of Eyri Podcast is similar to an old time radio serial adventure story.

Also keep in mind that Daniel is not a “professional” audio recorder/engineer/actor.  This podcast is a learning experience, and as such some episodes will be better produced than others.  Daniel is doing this podcast mainly for fun and as a way to share The Magic of Eyri with a wider audience, and has a punk rock/garage band attitude when it comes to making episodes (meaning, “just get it out there”). He’d love to spend a whole month fine-tuning each episode so that every second is awesome, but he just doesn’t have the time.

But, Daniel is very keen on experimenting with audio effects/editing and music to expand the Magic of Eyri experience, so he’ll work on something really neat every so often.  He also plans on including other goofy stuff (skits, fake commercials) at some point if he has the time.

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Release Schedule: Daniel’s goal is to have a new episode every other Wednesday, usually by 9 AM EST. This means two new episodes a month.  Just remember that “stuff happens” and there will be times that the schedule will have to change, or an episode will be delayed.  Daniel has a full-time job and other commitments that take precedent over the podcast, but he’ll let people know if an episode will be late.

Length: Around 20 minutes. Since the episodes don’t exactly correspond with the chapters in the book (ex: episode two contains the last half of chapter one and the first half of chapter two), the length could vary depending on how Daniel wishes to end the episode.  He focuses more on a better ending point (cliff hanger, etc) than sticking to a set length, but the goal is 20 minutes.

Cost: The Magic of Eyri Podcast is free to download.  You can download episodes through this website or you can subscribe to the RSS feed or find episodes in the iTunes Music Store, which is also free (more options here).  You can support this free podcast by buying a copy of the original novel (see below) or using the PayPal Donate button in the sidebar.

Novel: The novel version of The Magic of Eyri is available for purchase through Lulu.com and Amazon.com. It can also be special ordered through most book stores (give them this ISBN 978-0615145280). Keep in mind that the novel version will be slightly different from the podcast, as Daniel is taking this opportunity to tweak a few things. These will only be minor changes (mostly grammar), the plot shall stay the same.

Daniel independently published The Magic of Eyri in 2007 and have been promoting it ever since, while working on other writing projects.  Daniel would like to have the novel re-published by a traditional publisher and he is working on a sequel.

Illustrations by: Michael Church (characters), Kevin Knipstein (purple title logo) and Romel Clawson (blue heron amulet).

The novel and podcast are suitable for a Young Adult audience (ages 13 and up).

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