Important things the characters use or own and other objects of interest.

Blue Heron Amulet – A magical amulet given to Steve by the blue heron Mystic, Istrio. It is in the shape of a blue heron’s head, with a jewel for an eye. The edge of the amulet resembles a broken clock gear.

Caper Cape – A patchwork, green leather cape that turns the wearer into mist. While in mist form, the wearer can fly ‘like the wind’ and is invulnerable–but they cannot touch anything.  Made from the skin of a creature called a Caper.  Prolonged use of the cape saps the life force of the wearer, making them physically weak and sickly.  Worn by the Hawk King’s loyal spies, the raven twins Delu and Uled.

Eldercherry Wineskin – Given to Uncle Shameless by the blue heron Mystic, Istrio. A simple sewn, leather wineskin that never seems to run out of wine, no matter how much Uncle Shameless drinks.

Sword of Zaa – A magical weapon that embodies the power of the water eagle goddess Zaa. Steve is searching for it in Eyri, as it is the only weapon that can defeat the Hawk King. It has a feather shaped blade and a hilt shaped like an eagle with its wings spread.

Spear of Zuu – A magical weapon that embodies the power of the fire eagle god Zuu. It is Fiach-Ra’s weapon and grants him tremendous strength, power over fire and near immortality.  Its blade is black obelisk that looks like stone, but it can cut through and pierce anything. When the spear is “active” the tip is aflame. The spear can shoot beams of fire from the tip and return to Fiach-Ra after being thrown.

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