Places within the Magic of Eyri world.

Arx Vena’Tor (Eyri) – The Hawk King’s wicked castle in his city of Da’Rahga.  The castle is seperated from the rest of the city by a wall and the castle is in three sections, with the center section being the largest. The center section is topped by an egg shaped dome (which contains Fiach-Ra’s throne room). On top of the dome is a massive statue of the eagle god, Zuu.

Beacon Pines (Earth) – Steve’s hometown in Michigan, a suburb of a big city on the South East side of the state. Cookie-cutter houses.

Da’Rahga (Eyri) – The Hawk King’s city, also known as The City of Flame. It earns this name from the magical Wall of Fire that encircles and protects it from would-be attackers (and solicitors). Contains Arx Vena’Tor, the Hawk King’s castle. Filled with adobe buildings as well as murals, statues, paintings and mosaics all depicting the Hawk King.

Eyri – Pronounced AIR-EE (comes from the word eyrie, an eagle’s nest). Where our story takes place. A fantasy world filled with humans, humanoid animals and other bizarre creatures.  Magic and fantastic things are part of everyday life. When Steve and Uncle Shameless arrive, it is under the rule of the mean ol’ Hawk King.

Forbidden Forest (Eyri) – It’s just a name.  Contains the swamp where Uth, the Last Human Village is located.

Michigan (Earth) – The 26th State. America’s High Five.  Ol’ Mitty. The state in which both our heroes reside. Also the home state of this podcast’s creator.  Here, educate yourself.

River City (Earth) – Uncle Shameless’ home town near the middle of Michigan.  A small town with lots of farms nearby.  The Grand River runs through downtown.

Tal (Eyri) – A port town in the middle of a large bay. Tal is mostly inhabited by ducks, but there are non-ducks in Tal as well. It is a main shipping port in Eyri, with many docks that reach far out into the bay. It is also home of the Lighthouse Inn.

Uth, the Last Human Village (Eyri) – Home of a large amount of Humans and is in a swamp within the Forbidden Forest. There are other Human dwellings through out Eyri, the “Last Human Village” part was added in hopes of luring in more tourists. Being in a swamp isn’t good for tourism. Was renamed to “The Village Formally Known as Uth, the Last Human Village” after the Hawk King burned most of it to the ground in Episode 020.

Wheezy’s House of Pies (Eyri) – A popular pie and coffee shop in Da’Rahga. There are others in different parts of the world. The Swantan warrior Kaz is a big fan.

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