The cast of The Magic of Eyri.

If you are a podcaster or voice actor and are interested in recording a guest appearance for the podcast, shoot me an email: eyrifans [at] gmail dot com (if you have stuff online that I can listen to, include a link) or use the message box on the Contact page.  I can’t pay ya, but I’ll plug your website (if appropriate for ages 13+).

Daniel J. Hogan
(Host, Steve, Uncle Shameless, Zeroth, Alexander, Istrio, Gladius, Fiach-Ra, U’nala, Remmit, Kaz, Mudd, Pretty Much Every Character Because He Is Crazy)

Daniel J. Hogan is the author of the original novel this podcast is based upon.  He works as a media production specialist and free lance writer in Lansing, MI. Daniel is an avid fan of video games, delusions of grandeur, the Detroit Red Wings and sharing his inane ramblings with the entire Internet.

Robin Hudson
(Eira–Ep 010 and after)

Robin Hudson teaches English as a Second Language at a university in Seoul, South Korea. She can be heard in several audio dramas and podcasts, including Buffy Between the Lines, Angel Between the Lines, the Strangely Literal podcast, and the Joss’d podcast. She is the cool aunt and can’t wait to introduce The Magic of Eyri to her niece and nephew.

Laura B. Wise
(The Woman With the Bad Haircut–Ep 001)

Is standing right behind you–LOOK.

Ryan Knott
(The Old Man–Ep 018)

Is a singer/songwriter in Lansing, MI and likes his chicken spicy.

(Uth Chamber of Commerce Woman and Female Villager–Ep 019, Tuuga the Turtle–Ep 022 and after, Pixie People–Ep 024, Uth Crew Member–Ep 025, Uth Chamber of Commerce Committee Clerk–Ep 026)

Is a voice over actor in Lansing, MI and a classy dame.

Stephanie Sweitzer
(Ms. Gently–Ep 026)

Is not to be trifled with.

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