Hawken – The anthropomorphic hawk people of Eyri.  Fiach-Ra, the Hawk King, is their ruler (and rules all of Eyri except the Seas). They average in height just under six feet and are leaner than the Swantans, but still stronger than most Humans.  Unlike some of Eyri’s other bird races, the Hawken have wings on their back (in addition to having arms) and are excellent fliers.

Hawken have the gift of hawk-sight, a type of far-seeing vision that lets them see at great distances (and read fine print) with ease. This makes them elite archers and spear throwers. Hawken tend to wear light armor (usually some kind of chain mail) as not to hinder their flying. They favor quick strikes and attacking from the air with their bows and spears over normal hand-to-hand combat.

Losing one’s eye-sight or ability to fly are a major to disgrace to any Hawken, and any who do are usually done away with or at the very least shunned.  There are only two exceptions to this practice: Fiach-Ra, the Hawk King and his second-in-command U’nala, the Hawken Wing-Master (see below).

Hawken are usually nomadic, but Fiach-Ra united his brethren to usurp the Owl Queen’s rule over three hundred years ago. Most of the Hawken now currently live in the Hawk King’s city, Da’Rahga and his castle, Arx Venna’Tor.

Notable Hawken:

Fiach-Ra, The Hawk King of Eyri – Our story’s main villain. Three hundred and thirteen years ago in Eyri, a young Hawken warrior named Fiach united the forces of the Hawken and the Swantan to overthrow Fel-Ra, the Owl Queen as well as Donal, the Human King and crowned himself Fiach-Ra, Hawk King of Eyri.  Fiach-Ra wields the infamous Spear of Zuu, a magical weapon that grants him tremendous power and near immortality.

A long scar runs through his left eye, thanks to Donal, the last Human king. Donal had tried to blind Fiach-Ra, but the Spear of Zuu’s magic saved his sight.  Fire always burns in Fiach-Ra’s eyes, and when his temper flares, the flames pour out and climb past the top of his head. Fiach-Ra is above average size for a Hawken, both in height and muscle mass, thanks to the influence of the Spear of Zuu.  Has a short temper and tends to go overboard when solving problems.

Remmit, a Hawken warrior – a lowly gate guard for Da’Rahga, along with the Swantan.  Is always coming up with get rich quick schemes, and dreams of retiring from serving in Fiach-Ra’s army very soon.
First Appearance: Ep006 -The City of Flame

Lexa, a Hawken officer – A disgruntled Hawken officer as well as Remmit and Kaz’s supervisor.  Lexa is trying to get re-assigned out of Da’Rahga and away from the annoying Wall of Fire by being the worst officer possible.  He’s responsible for letting Steve and Uncle Shameless into Da’Rahga.
First Appearance: Ep006 -The City of Flame

U’nala, Wing Master of Eyri – Fiach-Ra’s second-in-command and lifelong friend.  U’nala, an older graying Hawken, lost one of his wing’s in battle with Donal.  Traditionally he would have been put to death or at least become an outcast, but Fiach-Ra spared his old friend.

U’nala serves as the Hawk King’s chief administrator and centuries of memo writing, budget planning and signing forms in triplicate have taken their toll on him–U’nala is nothing short of crazy and constantly refers to himself in the third person. He longs to be able to fly once more and to take part in battles.
First Appearance: Ep009 -Just Aqueducty

Nevik, a Hawken warrior – A younger hawken warrior who spotted Steve’s blue heron amulet at a pub in Da’Rahga.  Being familiar with The Prophecy, Nevik travels to the dungeons of Arx Venna’tor in hopes of presenting The Boy to the Hawk King himself.  His plan is foiled by Mudd the duck, resulting in him having to report Steve’s appearance and disappearance to Fiach-Ra’s second-in-command, U’nala.
First Appearance: Ep007 – Big Trouble in Little Da’Rahga

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