Humans – Known as “Hu-mans” to the Hawken and Swantans, they are similar to the humans of Earth. They range in size, shape, appearance and everything in between. The Humans of Eyri were mostly nomadic until Donal the Mighty united most of the larger tribes and created the first Human kingdom.

Not as strong as the Swantans, the Hawken or the Owls and because of this, Humans have never ruled over all of Eyri and were usually under the thumb of whoever else was in charge. Donal came the closest when he ruled more-or-less along side his ally, Fel-Ra the Owl Queen.

After the fall of the Human Kingdom following Fiach-Ra killing Donal, the Humans scattered all over Eyri, with a large amount being banished to the swamps of the Forbidden Forest, where they built the village of Uth. They later changed the name to Uth, the Last Human Village in hopes of luring in more tourists.

While they had a respectable kingdom centuries ago, most present day Humans in Eyri are lazy, cowardly and don’t want to make a fuss.

Notable Humans:

Donal the Mighty – the first and last Human King. Centuries ago, Donal united the Human tribes to create the first (and last) Human Kingdom. Was the previous owner of the Sword of Zaa. Killed by Fiach-Ra during a sneak attack on his castle.

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