Hunters are bounty hunters for hire in Eyri.

Hunters can be hired to find, capture or fight anyone their employer wants.  The employer draws up a contract, which both the employer and the Hunter(s) sign.  Breach of contract on the Hunter(s)’s part is meet with dire consequences, and it is something they take very seriously down at Hunter headquarters.

Hunters typically work in teams, called a band, which usually has a name (ex: the Five, Prophet’s Profits), but it is not uncommon for a Hunter to work alone. A Hunter follows a strict set of guidelines, rules and by-laws known as the Hunter Code.  Hunters wear a pendent composed of three black rings to signify they are in fact a Hunter.  The pendent has their Hunter Number inscribed on the back.  This number, along with the wear’s name,  is kept on file at the Hunter headquarters.  This helps cut down on killers and thieves masquerading as Hunters.

Hunters can be hired as assassins, but they have to pass a very difficult Assassin Licensing test. However, a Hunter can be signed to a Wanted  Alive or Dead (Alive Preferred)  contract, meaning it is acceptable if the prey is killed during the capturing process as long as the body is still brought back to the employer.  Since the Hunter is not hired to specifically ‘kill’ their prey in this situation, they can by-pass the requirement for a Assassin License.  Zeroth and the rest of the Five were signed to such a contract when the raven twins hired the band to track down Steve and Uncle Shameless (episode 012, Double Trouble).

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