Other characters that don’t fit into any of the main categories.

O’Jec of the Squirrels – Anthropomorphic talking squirrel. About as big as a medium sized dog. Wears a bowler hat and cracks bad jokes.  Helps Steve find his glasses after waking up on the shores of the Ralk Sea in Eyri.
First Appearance: Ep003: Strange Places

Delu and Uled, the raven twins – These identical twins are the Hawk King’s loyal spies.  Each wears a Caper Cape that allows them to turn into mist at will.  The capes are made from the skin of a creature called a Caper, which turn into mist to attack travelers and are very difficult to hunt.  While in their mist form, the twins can fly ‘like the wind’ and they are also invulnerable. Each has the habit of finishing the others sentences. The twins are thin and sickly looking, the side effect of prolonged use of the Caper Capes.  Physically, they are not very strong but are skilled in using their capes while fighting, allowing them to attack and quickly turn into mist before facing any harm.

First Appearance: Ep012: Double Trouble

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