Our Heroes

The heroes of The Magic of Eyri

Illustrations by Michael Church.

Steve Harrier, the Boy

Steve “The Boy” Harrier

  • Age: 13
  • Home: Beacon Pines, Michigan, USA (Earth)
  • Likes: Logic, science, long division
  • Dislikes: River City, Uncle Shameless’ singing, make believe
  • Occupation: reluctant savior of Eyri and sarcastic teenager.
  • Bio: Steve is the main hero of The Magic of Eyri. He is spending the summer in River City with Uncle Shameless, and while on a canoe trip together they were transported to the magical world of Eyri.  Steve is cynical, snarky and sarcastic.
  • First Appearance: Ep001: A Shameless Summer

Uncle Shameless

Shamus “Uncle Shameless” Harrier

  • Age: 45
  • Home: River City, Michigan, USA (Earth)
  • Likes: Telling bad jokes, telling stories, singing
  • Dislikes: Not telling bad jokes, not telling stories, not singing
  • Occupation: Steve’s wacky uncle and protector.
  • Bio: Uncle Shameless has been the town drunk of River City ever since his farm went under, and is known for spinning tall tales. Unlike Steve, he is very easy going and always up for an adventure.  After arriving in Eyri, he was giving a magical wineskin by Istrio, the blue heron mystic.  The Eldercherry wine inside gives Uncle Shameless super strength–but only for a limited time, and like normal wine, it causes him to become drunk, stupid and useless.
  • First Appearance: Ep001: A Shameless Summer

Eira, the Pelican

Eira, the Pelican

  • Age: Never ask a lady her age.
  • Home: Eyri
  • Likes: Helping others, diving, children (human and animal)
  • Dislikes: the Hawk King, interruptions, running
  • Occupation: Healer.
  • Bio: Eira is a wandering healer who saves Steve and Uncle Shameless from drowning after they escape the Hawk King’s castle. She is an anthropomorphic brown pelican, who wears a poncho and carries a backpack filled with bottles of her healing potions.  While she uses a walking stick to walk, Eira is an expert swimmer and diver.  She is brave and very protective of Steve.
  • First Appearance: Ep010: Are You a Pelican or a Pelican’t?

Zeroth, the Hunter

Zeroth, the Hunter

  • Age: Unknown
  • Home: Eyri, but nowhere specific.  Wanders.
  • Likes: Fights, swords, cooking.
  • Dislikes:  Diplomacy, breaking Hunter contracts, whining.
  • Occupation: Hunter, a bounty hunter for hire.
  • Bio: Zeroth is a mysterious bird man, who’s appearance is a mismatch of hawk (Hawken) and swan (Swanta) features.  He is an expert fighter and his abilities and strength increase whenever he loses his temper. He has the gift of hawk-sight (excellent telescopic vision) and while he has wings, they are small and he can only glide.  Zeroth is part of the Hunter band called The Five (even though there are only three members) but he has worked on his own in the past. Zeroth’s leader, Cam, gave him the task of protecting Steve on his quest to defeat the Hawk King, after they were originally hired to capture Steve and Uncle Shameless. Zeroth possesses a magical pack that is the size of a large room on the inside.
  • First Appearance: Ep012: Double Trouble

Gladius, the Silver Swordfish

  • Age: Over 300 years old, but most of that was spent locked away.
  • Home: Eyri.
  • Likes: Fighting, complaining, hating the Sword of Zaa.
  • Dislikes: Not being used, being replaced, the Sword of Zaa.
  • Bio: Gladius is a talking silver swordfish. It used to belong to Donal the Mighty, the last Human king, but was replaced when Donal was given the Sword of Zaa. Gladius, like other swordfish, has a deadly tongue that resembles the blade of a sword. Gladius was not happy about being replaced and locked away for centuries. It is still very bitter about the whole thing. Istrio gave Gladius to Zeroth after escaping Uth, the Last Human Village.
  • First Appearance: Ep021: Silver Tongued

More will be added as episodes are released–don’t want to spoil too much for ya.

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