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Every Episode of The Magic of Eyri Podcast

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

The Magic of Eyri Podcast came to an end in September 2012 with episode 53, making the entire novel available as a free audio dramatization. Here is a list of every episode of The Magic of Eyri. You can still buy copies of The Magic of Eyri novel through Amazon or Lulu. Ebook fans, The Magic of Eyri is also available for download as a PDF eBook and an Apple iBook.

Currently (January 2014), Daniel J. Hogan is busy shopping a new fantasy novel to agents and drawing comic strips for his website, Clattertron. You can still follow Daniel on Twitter, @danieljhogan.

Season One

001 A Shameless Summer length: 17:50  (04.12.09) Download

002A Grand Adventure length: 15:04 (04.26.09) Download

003 Strange Places length: 16:00 (05.10.09) Download

004 The Exposition Episode length: 21:57 (05.24.09) Download

005 – Son of the Exposition Episode length: 18:14 (06.07.09) Download

006 The City of Flame length: 17:35 (06.21.09) Download

007 Big Trouble in Little Da’Rahga length: 18:14 (07.05.09) Download

008 Jail Break length: 17:00 (07.19.09) Download

009 Just Aqueducty length: 15:38 (08.02.09) Download

010 Are You a Pelican or a Pelican’t? length: 19:16 (08.16.09) Download

011 The Trial length: 21:10 (08.30.09) Download

012 Double Trouble length: 19:43 (09.27.09) Download

013 Fight! length: 17:49 (10.25.09) Download

014 Round Two length: 16:37 (11.11.09) Download

015 Every Which Way But Uth length: 18:12 (11.25.09) Download

016 Packing It In length: 18:29 (01.06.10) Download

017 Fishy Business length: 16:37 (01.20.10) Download

018 Uth, the Last Human Village length: 21:46 (02.03.10) Download

019 Neo Geo length: 23:18 (02.17.10) Download

020 Burn length: 18:22 (03.03.10) Download

021 Silver Tongued length: 17:26 (03.17.10) Download

Season Two

022 Duck and Cover length: 19:47 (04.07.10) Download

023 An Odd Duck length: 21:43 (04.21.10) Download

024 – Flight of the Griffin length: 18:12 (05.19.10) Download

025 – Pirates! length: 19:34 (06.02.10) Download

026 – Battleships length: 20:08 (06.16.10) Download

027 – Old Foes length: 19:04 (08.04.10) Download

028 – Payback length: 19:01 (08.18.10) Download

029 – Dragons Well length: 20:01 (09.01.10) Download

030 – The City Beneath the Sea length: 14:55 (09.15.10) Download

031 – The Queen length: 16:50 (10.06.10) Download

032 – The Temple of Arcana length: 18:01 (10.20.10) Download

033 – Wrath of the Roc Lobster length: 15:35 (11.03.10) Download

034 – The Three Sisters length: 18:53 (11.17.10) Download

035 – Surface length: 17:14 (02.09.11) Download

036 – Flight of the Roc Lobster length: 20:52 (03.02.11) Download

Season Three

037 – Eira’s Secret length: 23:01 (04.06.11) Download

038 – Witchy Business length: 22:23 (06.01.11) Download

039 – Mystery of the Owls length: 23:01 (07.08.11) Download

040 – Owls Well That Ends Well  (08.03.11) Download

041 – In Thru the Out Door (09.07.11) Download

042 – Them Owls Skeleton Blues  (10.05.11) Download

043 – Owls Well That Ends Well  (11.02.11) Download

044 – Cloudy Skies (12.07.11) Download

045 – Battle in the Sky (01.04.12) Download

046 – Help  (02.01.12) Download

047 – The Return  (03.07.12) Download

 Season Four

048 – The Aftermath  (04.04.12) Download

049 – The Sacrifice  (05.02.12) Download

050 – Wounds  (06.06.12) Download

051 – Beyond the Veil  (07.04.12) Download

052 – Sticky Situation  (08.09.12) Download

053 – The End  (09.17.12) Download

And that is it, folks! Thanks to everyone who listened over the years. It has been a fun adventure.

Special Episodes

These are episodes that are not part of the Magic of Eyri main story (one-shot episodes, audio of panel talks, Daniel’s ramblings, etc).

Humor in Science Fiction and Fantasy (with Jim C. Hines, Brian Briggs and Daniel J. Hogan. Recorded live at Penguicon) length: 54:45 (05.12.10) Download

Adapting a Novel to a Podcast (with Mary Robinette Kowal and Daniel J. Hogan. Recorded live at Penguicon) length: 56:31 (05.05.10) Download

Fantasy Writing Panel (with Jim C. Hines, Phil Kline and Daniel J. Hogan) length: 49:00 (09.13.09) Download

Werewolves in Popular Culture Panel (recorded live at the fan convention, Conclave. Features Daniel J. Hogan, Stewart Sternberg, Jon David, Rick Moore, Charles Zaglanis and William Jones)
length: 01:03:12 (10.10.09) Download

Read Daniel's new weekly fantasy humor comic, Foxes and Boxes!

Magic of Eyri 021-Silver Tongued

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Today’s episode: Steve and his friends escape the Hawk King’s wrath thanks to his blue heron amulet. His joy is short lived when he spots a column of smoke on the horizon, hinting at the destruction brought to Uth, the Last Human Village. Much to Steve’s annoyance, Istrio the blue heron mystic appears to check in with the boy.

In our last episode: The Hawk King burned Uth, the Last Human Village to the ground in his search for Steve.

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Technical Notes: Some sound effects courtesy of (User Attribution list). Other sound effects and music by GarageBand or Daniel J. Hogan.

For more information on the story, please visit the About and Characters pages. These sections will be updated as episodes are put online since I don’t want to spoil too much ahead of time.


Daniel J. Hogan

(Host, Narrator, Characters)

Robin Hudson

(Eira the pelican)

Next Time on The Magic of Eyri (04.07.10): “Duck and Cover” – Steve and his friends arrive in Tal, the duck port town. NOTE: I’m kind of skipping a week because there would three episodes in March because of how the weeks line up. I decided to skip the 31st and release episode 22 on April 7th (thus sticking to the first and third Wednesday of the month schedule).


Istrio is back, and boy does he have some harsh words for Steve.

This episode introduces one of my favorite characters–Gladius, the cranky talking silver swordfish. Gladius was a favorite of mine to write for when I wrote the original novel. There are a few hidden jokes in this episode, but the main one is Uncle Shameless’ line about Steve having a “butch name like Theodore or Gordon.” That refers to former Detroit Red Wings players, Ted Lindsay and Gordie Howe. Steve is of course named for another former Red Wing, Steve Yzerman. The joke about Steve’s mother wanting to name him Françoise is a bit of family trivia–that nearly happened to my dad.

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