Characters that aid Our Heroes in some manner during their quest.

Istrio, an Elder Mystic of Zaa – a blue heron bird-man who magically appears to Steve and Uncle Shameless after they arrive in Eyri. He is a Mystic of Zaa, a wizard of sorts who is alligned with the eagle goddess Zaa (water).  Istrio tells Steve and Uncle Shameless the history of Eyri and informs Steve of his quest to free Eyri from the rule of the Hawk King.  Istrio is very old looking, and wears long blue robes. He usually appears as a ghostly visage and is prone to handing out magical items and advice. Steve finds blue heron annoying because whenever Istrio appears, it usually means he has a new task to do that involves going somewhere far away and lots of walking.
First Appearance: Ep004 The Exposition Episode

Mudd, a duck bartender – a short, green duck-man who tends bar at a pub in Da’Rahga.  He helped Steve and Uncle Shameless escape the dungeons of Arx Venna’tor after they were arrested in his pub.  Upon meeting Mudd, Uncle Shameless was reminded of the duck who stole his sandwich back in River city, and started to strangle him, which led to Uncle Shameless and Steve being arrested by a group of pub-going Swantan warriors.   After saving Steve from the Hawken Nevik, Mudd led our heroes to Da’Rahga’s old aqueducts, which allowed the pair to escape the city. He is named after his mother.
First Appearance: Ep007 – Big Trouble in Little Da’Rahga

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