Eyri’s Creatures, big and small.

Caper – a mysterious creature that has the ability to turn into mist at will.  While in mist form, the Caper can fly ‘like the wind’ and is invulnerable–but it cannot touch anything.  It uses this ability to sneak up on unsuspecting travelers.  A Caper can only be hurt while flesh and blood, making them difficult to hunt. Rumored to be vulnerable to  cold. The Hawk King’s spies, the raven twins Delu and Uled wear capes made of Caper skin, which grants them the ability to turn into mist.

Pyrix – a giant, flame covered bird skeleton monster. Pyrix do the bidding of Fiach-Ra, the Hawk King and they are also called Children of Zuu (the eagle god of fire). Their skeletons are made of black bone and they can fly. Pyrix also have a fire breath weapon. Fiach-Ra has a chariot that is pulled by a pair of Pyrix.

Solicitor – a bear-sized, shrew-like rodent that eats anything and everything.  While most are the size of a large bear, some have been known to get even large and can be used as mounts. A solicitor attacks Steve, Uncle Shameless and Eira in episode 012, Double Trouble. The name ‘solicitor’ comes from an old Eyri word meaning “savage, ravenous beast.”

Swordfish – a strange type of fish that can be used as a weapon. When squeezed, the fish’s tongue, which resembles the blade of a sword, shoots out. Swordfish are aboug six inches long, but their tongues can be two or three times the size of their bodies. When out of water, swordfish go into a frozen, sleep-like state and remain that way until returning to water. There is a rare type of swordfish called Silver Swordfish, which, as the name hints, are silver in color. Their “blades” are longer and stronger (resembling a long sword). Gladius is a silver swordfish.

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