Owls – the anthropomorphic Owl people of Eyri.  Wise warriors through and through, the Owls have always ruled over the animals of Eyri. The females are larger and stronger than the males, and are the main warriors.  They have always been ruled by a Queen. Owls are tall, some reaching 7 ft, and statuesque. Their strength makes it possible to wear heavier armor while flying.  Like the Hawken, they have wings on their back.

Owls have the gift of owl-sight, similar to the far-seeing hawk-sight of the Hawken, with the added benefit of being able to see in the dark. Owls are nocturnal, preferring to be active during the night–which allowed Fiach-Ra to attack Fel-Ra’s castle during the day. Owls favor using swords in combat and are fearless. After Fiach-Ra attacked Fel-Ra’s castle, he cursed the Owls, dooming them to a fate worse than death.

Notable Owls:

Fel-Ra, the Owl Queen – a fair and just ruler, Fel-Ra ruled Eyri along with Donal the Human King prior to being overthrown by Fiach-Ra and his forces. She was the quintessential warrior-queen: a wise ruler who was as skilled with the sword as she was with diplomacy. Under her rule, Eyri knew decades of peace.

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