Swantans – The anthropomorphic swan people of Eyri.  Big, strong, brutish and stupid, the Swantans are the Hawk King’s loyal foot soldiers.  Swantans hail from their home of Swanta and focus on making themselves the best soldiers in all of Eyri through training as well as breeding.

They gained size and strength through centuries of selective breeding…but have lost not only their wings but a fair amount of brain power in the process.  Swantans, while slow thinkers and easily stumped, are still dangerous foes and have no fear of dying battle.  Swantans usually wear heavy armor and swords are their weapons of choice.

Swanta is an ancient enemy of the Owl kingdom, which made it easy for Fiach-Ra (the Hawk King) to convince the Swantans to join his raid on Fel-Ra’s (the Owl Queen) castle over three hundred years ago.

Notable Swantans:

Kaz – A lowly Da’Rahga gate guard, Kaz is the dumbest of the dumb when it comes to Swantan warriors.  Along with the Hawken Remmit, Kaz has the lowliest of jobs: guarding a city that doesn’t need to be guarded.  The magical Wall of Fire keeps Da’Rahga safer than Kaz and Remmit ever could.  Lately, Kaz is worried about fading away instead of dying in battle with honor.

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